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Product Overview

1、Varieties of inputinter face:1XDP1.2 Input;1X HDMI2.0 Input;1X Audio Input

2、Varieties of Output Interf ace:6X Gigabyte Ethernet Port Output,supports arbitrary splicing

3、It supports Ethernet PortLoop Dual Backup,Dual Master Controller Backup

4、It is compatible with 30HZ,50HZ,60HZ,120HZ and other Frame RateInpu

5、It supports to have multiple preset resolutions:1024×768、1280×1024、1366×768、1600×1200、1920×1080、2048×1152、2560×960 and the user defined resolution is supported

6、It supports to detect the error rates of the gigabyte network

Loading Capacity
  • 01

    1 Network Port:650 Thousand Pixels

  • 02

    Entire Unit:2.6 Million Pixels

  • 03

    Width:128—4096 Pixels

  • 04

    Height:64—4096 Pixels

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