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L308 is a receiving card that specially for small pixel pitch led display and fully researched and developed by Mooncell; it adopted 8x HUB320 (26PIN) interfaces; it can supports the maximum 32 groups of the parallel connection data;the maximum loading capacity could reach up to 256*512 pixels; with strong processing ability, supper reliability and high competitive price.

Function Characteristic

1、It supports pixel level brightness and Chroma Calibration.

2、Multiple Solutions of the Displayed Effects are Supported

3、It supports the pixel-level brightness&chroma calibration.

4、It supports the Intelligent Recovery function while replacing the receiving cards (its programmes will be recovered automatically)

5、It supports network cable hot backup (online backup)

6、The Images on the led screen can be rotated 90 degree in a factor of multiple times

7、The Receiving Card is Supported to detect its own Sequence number

8、It supports to have the user-defined data interfa

Loading Specs

1、Parallel Data (RGB): 32 Dataset

2、Serial Data: 96 Dataset

3、The maximum loading capacity(pixels):256*512

4、The quantity of the receiving cards that it can be cascading connected:≤1000PCS

5、The scanning line supported:1-64 Lines.

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L308 Product Specifications 2021-11-06
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