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K3000 adopts high-performance multi-core processor, main frequency 1.8G, onboard 4G RAM, 64G EMMC internal storage, powerful image processing capability and H264\H265 HD video hard decoding capability. K3000 supports 1 HDMI input and 3 HDMI output interfaces. It integrates computer, central controller and video player. It is simple in configuration and flexible in application. Instructions to play different scene videos, and can strobe according to instructions or low-frequency drum beats of music, suitable for KTV and bar rooms.

Function Characteristic

1、 Support H.264, H.265 HD video hard decoding and playback

2、Support one HDMI high-definition signal input, 3 HDMI high-definition signal output

3、Using embedded hardware architecture, stable operation and maintenance-free

4、The motherboard has built-in 64G EMMC internal storage, preinstalled high-performance video player, and it runs automatically when booted

5、With multiple playback modes such as loop playback and command playback

6、Seamless connection with karaoke machine and intelligent central controller, the video, lighting and song could be interacted and switched between each other

7、The video image could be spliced with different windows and displayed simultaneously

8、 Can be connected to karaoke machines and intelligent central control of different manufacturers

Loading Specs

1、Processor: ARM 

2、 A53*4+A72*2 RAM:4G 

3、DDR3 High Speed Storage

4、Internal storage: 64G EMMC high-speed storage

5、Resolution: Support H.264, H.265 HD hard decoding playback

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