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MTB400 is the Big Sending Enclosure that produced by Moonell, it supports 1x DVI & 1x HDMI Video Signal Input and is with 4 Network Ports Outputs. The maximum loading capacity could reach up to 2.6 million pixels

Function Characteristic

1、The programmes will be recovered automatically with just one click after replacing the sending card.

2、It supports to have multiple preset resolutions:1024×768 、1280×1024 、1366×768 、1600×1200 、1920×1080 、2048×1152 、2560×960 and the user defined resolution is supported

3、It supports to inspect the brightness, Gamma and the locations.

4、It supports the pixel-level brightness&chroma calibration

5、It is compatible with 30HZ,50HZ,60HZ,120HZ and other Frame Rate Input

6、It supports the upper computer software to detect the operating parameters and status of the sending card

Loading Specs

1、2.6 Million Pixels

2、One Network Port: 650 Thousand Pixels

3、The maximum in width: 4096 pixels

4、The maximum in height: 4096 pixels

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