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Solution to Irregular LED Display(Special Shaped Screens)

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Unlike the rectangular or flat shapes of the conventional led displays, the irregular led display that you would see is more likely with all kinds of different shapes and it will be with more stunning or you could say stronger visual effects. Compared with the traditional led display,it’s biggest feature is that it can better adapt to the overall structure and environment of the building,moreover the size and dimensions of the screen can be customized according to the requirements.

Based on the traditional led display, the irregular led display transforms various shapes to present different effects,making the appearance of the led display more novel and unique. Due to the different shapes and structures of the irregular led display,solving these problems has become the key to the normal use of the led display.

The Mooncell's “ Complex Led Display Control System” has been widely used in the control of various irregular led displays,and various problems of the irregular led displays are corrected. Mooncell has its unique features which include: visual operation, multiple module control,arbitrary angle rotation, arbitrary shape design, Ethernet cable sequences detection,etc.to escort the stable operation of the led display.

M-RC32A is a receiving card that specially designed by Mooncell for these irregular led screens, by using this card, the screen could be arbitrary rotated and zoomed in or out(scaled). M-RC32A has been widely used for all kinds of led screens with special shapes.

Visual Operation

Mooncell’s Irregular Led Display Control Software,WYSIWYG(What You See is What You Get), it allows content to be edited in a form that resembles its appearance when displayed as a finished product, it completely subverts the current box(frame)-based program building structure,and adopts a brand new “building block” operating mode. From the software, you will be able to see all the display area of the screen and its splicing effects,and easily get all kinds of led displays connected.


Interface of Mooncell’s Rubik’s Cube Software

Multiple Module Control

For modules of different shapes(the interface definition is the same),you can just use the same receiving card to upload(carry) their pixels,a single receiving card supports a maximum of 32 different types of modules, which greatly reduces the number of receiving card it will be used and its cost, it also reduces the difficulty of the installation and design of its structure.


Mooncell’s Cabinet Files- Multiple Module Control

Arbitrary Rotation

The modules will be probably installed with arbitrary angles, in that case you’ll need the screen to be normally displayed. By using Mooncell’s receiving card that specially designed for irregular led displays, you will be able to control these modules that have been arbitrary rotated with different angles and it ensures the normal display of the screen.


Mooncell’s Arbitrary Rotation

Arbitrary Shape Design

Using Mooncell’s Irregular Led Display Control Software,the relative position of the module installation could be adjusted very intuitively, so as to complete the program design of the cabinet that with complex shapes.


Mooncell’s Arbitrary Shape Design

Ethernet Cable Sequences Detection

Due to the special nature of the irregular led display, the serial connection method of the Ethernet cable is often an unconventional connection, and the Ethernet Cable connection can not be seen from the front side of the screen after installation. Therefore, it’s quite difficult for the traditional control system to make the correct wiring sequences. But Mooncell’s software has become the good solution to this problem, to enable the Ethernet Cable sequences detection function, the software will sequentially light up each cabinet according to the Ethernet Cable connection,or it directly shows the Ethernet Cable connection serial number.


Mooncell’s Ethernet Cable Sequences Detection


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