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The transparent led displays are famous for its high transparency and ultra light weight. They are widely used in urban Landmark Buildings,Municipal Buildings,Automobile 4S Shops and Airports. The transparent led display has strong light permeability and can meet the special light requirements of the installation site. It brings people a sense of fashion and technology,and it can be well integrated with surrounded building environment.

Due to its high permeability, there are more and more problems restricting the development of the transparent led screes,mainly in the following aspects:
High integration of the Control system, Small Size Trend, random module design(sometimes missing a line or row of pixels(led lamp beads)),Dual Clock Data Expansion Design,Display Screen Resolution Adjustable,etc. In response to these problems, Mooncell has introduced new solutions to bring you a new control experiences.

High Integration,Small Size Receiving Card

Mooncell launched F308,F324,T30 and F4S receiving cards which have featured the small size and light weight design,saving a lot more space for the narrow cabinets, meanwhile it features the high density connector which is dust proof and shockproof, for that those products are very stable and reliable.It features the new generation of the core with that the displaying effects will be much enhanced.It has a very high processing performance together with the high stability & reliability,given that they have been widely used at different respectable places and are well accepted by the users.


F308 Receiving Card


F324 Receiving Card


T30 Receiving Card


Random Module Design(sometimes missing a line or row of pixels(led lamp beads))

For transparent led displays, Mooncell has its own Led display Image control technology,it can arbitrary miss a row or line of pixels (light up the rest of the led lamp leads except the missing ones), the coordinate position of the single lamp could be randomly adjusted. With that the fusion of the image and structure could be perfectly achieved,which has solved the control difficulty of the irregular transparent screens.


Case Studies

Dual Clock Data Expansion Design

Due to the data line quantity limitation of the receiving card, the data cable(line) is often insufficient when comes to the design of the transparent led screens. While the dual clock data expansion design of Mooncell,this problem could be effectively solved. By using the dual clock data expansion settings, the quantity of the data cable could be double,for example, the conventional receiving card that is with 72 output data cables, after using the expansion design, it could be expanded to 144 data cables for outputs,moreover it supports the different routing methods of the first and second clock led strip, which greatly reduces the design difficulty.

Display Screen Resolution Adjustable

In order to keep the sufficient permeability,as well as the brightness requirements and high resolution imaging capability, most of the transparent led screens when comes to the design, it will normally design the horizontal resolution to be twice or higher than the vertical resolution,given that the the screen then will be stretched and deformed,while using Mooncell pixel decomposition control technology, the horizontal and vertical resolutions of the large screen can be quickly adjusted by an integer multiple of the adjustment,so that the horizontal and vertical resolutions can be changed without changing the hardware, so as to ensure the large screen to be displayed at the original image scale.


P3.91-7.81 Conventional Control with Image Stretched


P3.91-7.81 Transparent Led Screens with Mooncell Control System

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