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With the improvement of the LED manufacturing technology, the resolution of the traditional led display has been greatly improved. The led display is not just for outdoor using but also has been applied for indoor using. For example: inside the office building,shopping mall,government agency and medical institution,etc.

As the development of the led technology, a new product has been produced: high-end intelligent LED All-In-One Conference Flat Panel. The intelligent panel has the characteristics of highly integrated design,digitization and large technical span. Along with its development, Mooncell has provided a complete solution in this filed. The features are as follows:

1、Multiple HD Channels will be freely switched. It’s handy to get different HD devices connected to.


2、1080P HD Display to meet the visual experiences.


3、Intelligent Brightness Adjustment,trying to be more energy-saving, environment friendly and efficient.


4、It supports to have dual operating system to provide the users with more options.


5、Dual Band WIFI, Wireless Internet Access and Cloud Casting, the system will be more stable and smooth.


6、The traditional electronic white board together with the LED display to bring a new life to the traditional technology.


7、The File Management System is quite handy and concise, the user friendly office software brings a very efficient working experiences.


8、It supports various video conference systems to meet the requirements of the customers from all aspects.


9、There is no limitation to uploading the information. It brings the extra service to the customers.


10、Ultra Low Standby Power Consumption to achieve the sustainable development strategy that has been advocated.



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