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Product Introduction

Mooncell B2000S has its capability of receiving a variety of video signals,ultra high-definition 4KX2K image processing and sending capability;it can send the processed video to the led screen through the Ethernet Port and fiber port;with strong processing ability,super reliability and high cost performance. 

Product Features
  • 01

    Varieties of input interface: 1X DP 1.2 Input.

  • 02

    Multiple Communication Control Methods:1X USB Port; 1X Serial Port;1X 100 Megabyte Ethernet Port. 

  • 03

    Extension Function: SD Card Supported to save the parameters, read back from the SD Card when replacing the device.

  • 04

    Varieties of Output Interface: 20X Gigabyte Ethernet Port Output;4X Optical Fiber Bidirectional Duplex Transmission.

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