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Product Introduction

Mooncell C12 is a small sized & high-end receiving card that independently researched and developed by Mooncell, it could load 8192 pixels; with its strong processing ability,super reliability and its high competitive price,the product has been widely used and loved by the customers. The size of the C12 Card is quite small: 70mm x 24mm, that’s the smallest card of its kind among its rivals in the industry, saving a lot more space, using less external cables, simplifying the design of the led display structure,reducing the difficulty of the design, helping customer to achieve the unprecedented innovative designs; the C12 actually solves quite a few problems: Limited Space,Screen Protection,After Sales Service,Price,etc, which will further provide a competitive advantage for differentiated product design.

Product Features
  • 01

    It features the small size and thickness, saving a lot more space for the narrow cabinet and space of the led strip(bar).

  • 02

    The output features the universal 2.0mm connector, with high stability and reliability.

  • 03

    It features the advanced image processing core, which has greatly improved the performance of the displaying.

  • 04

    The single card supports 24 groups RGB data output in serial connections,8 groups in parallel, and 4 clock are supported to be expanded. 

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