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Product Introduction

MVB12E is an easy-to-operate, feature-rich hardware led display processor that supports 4K high definition interface input and integrates professional display control technology and powerful video processing capability simplifying the setup of the field environment. With advanced interlaced image adaptive processing technology and ultra-clear noise reduction engine, eliminating video image motion smearing and jagged phenomenon,the video image enhancement technology makes the image clearer and more detailed, rich in details, and full of colors ,Image quality is stable. 

Function Introduction
  • 01

    The positions and sizes of the images could be freely adjusted.

  • 02

    It supports to get 8 images on the screen, the images could be superimposed, roamed and scaled.

  • 03

    It supports to restore and load scene templates.

  • 04

    It supports to get 4 images on the screen.

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