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Product Introduction

The V Series Video Splicing Processor represents Mooncell's latest cutting-edge solution for intelligent and cost-effective video signal processing. Housed in a modular 3U/5U/7U/14U standard chassis, it seamlessly integrates both digital and analog signal support. With its advanced capabilities, it delivers high-definition and fluid display of 4K@60Hz and lower resolution video signals across various spliced screens. Leveraging 4:4:4 color processing, it ensures an immersive visual experience with vibrant colors, crisp image quality, and lifelike details on large-scale displays.

Product Features
  • 01

    Each output card supports 10 Gigabit Ethernet ports for direct connection to LED screen receiving cards.

  • 02

    Seamless switching between input signal sources.

  • 03

    Supports PC scenes and the ability to save scene files.

  • 04

    Allows for arbitrary layering of all signals, with multi-screen roaming and scaling.

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