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RT08Q 接收卡是采用我司自主研发 LED 控制系统专用 T6 芯片;集成 8 个标准 HUB75E 接口,免接 HUB 板;超稳定性能及超高性价比快速取得用户青 睐。

Function Characteristic

1、It features 8 x standard HUB75E interfaces.

2、It is upgrading-free and compatible with a variety of driver ICs.

3、It supports the pixel-level brightness&chroma calibrations and the low grey scale can be compen-sated.

4、It supports to build up the complicated cabinets & screens.

5、It supports to detect the error rates of the network cable & the serial # of the receiving card.

6、It supports to repair the configuration parameters with just one click (Smart Repair)

7、It supports to have the user-defined data interface(customized)It supports to have the user-defined data interface(customized)

8、lt supports to read the configuration data back from where it's been stored.

9、It is RoHS & CE-EMC compliant.

Loading Specs

1、Parallel Data (RGB): 16 Dataset

2、Serial Data: 48 Dataset

3、The maximum loading capacity(pixels):256*256

4、The quantity of the receiving cards that it can be cascading connected:≤1000PCS

5、The scanning line supported:1-128 Lines

6、The maximum loading capacity in width/height:4095 pixels

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