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V30 Pro

V30PRO is the Sending Card that produced by Mooncell, it supports DVI Input and is with 2 Network Output Ports. The maximum loading capacity could reach up to 1.3 million pixels,with powerful processing ability,super reliability and high cost performance

Function Characteristic

1、1x DVI video signal input, synchronous transmission via the network cable.

2、 1x AUDIO input,synchronous transmission via the network cable.

3、It has the serial port and to use it together with the light sensor to get the brightness of the led screen automatically adjusted

4、2x gigabytes Ethernet output ports,it supports the arbitrary splicing.

5、1x USB port communication, multiple sending cards could be cascading connected to one computer

6、It supports Cascading (USB port connection), you can have the action of adding additional multiple sending cards on one same personal computer.

7、It supports to have multiple preset resolutions:1024×768 、1280×1024 、1366×768 、1600×1200 、1920×1080 、2048×1152 、2560×960 and the user defined resolution is supported

8、It has 1x 100M megabyte Ethernet Port.

9、It supports Ethernet Port Loop Dual Backup, Dual Master Controller Backup.

Loading Specs

1、1.3 Million Pixels

2、One Network Port: 650 Thousand Pixels

3、The maximum in width: 4096 pixels/span>

4、The maximum in height: 4096 pixels

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