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Product Introduction

K4000S features a high-performance multi-core processor with a main frequency of 1.8G, onboard 4G RAM, and 64G EMMC internal storage. It has powerful image processing capabilities and H264\H265 high-definition video hardware decoding capabilities. K4000S integrates video processing and LED sending card, supports 1x HDMI input, 1x HDMI output, 4x Gigabit network port outputs, with a maximum load of 2.6 million pixels, it is suitable for KTV, party rooms, bars,etc. It supports the standard DMX512 lighting protocol, supports sounds and audio detection, automatically switches scene materials, and uniformly schedules lighting, music, and video images to create an immersive atmosphere.

Product Feature
  • 01

    It features 4 LED OUTs and handles the maximum 2.3 million pixels in total.

  • 02

    It supports to play the HD video or pictures and supports scaling,picture in picture or picture out picture. 

  • 03

    The device can be connected to the PC so as to use the WEB management function(website), with that the operation will be a lot easier. 

  • 04

    It supports to have 8 windows and the position or size of the windows can be adjusted,also the window can be superimposed. 

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