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Product Introduction

MC-C2 is Mooncell's latest multimedia playback and control server, equipped with a high-performance processor and a professional and stable industrial motherboard, providing reliable support for projects of various sizes. 

Paired with the MC-C2 multimedia playback and control software, it supports creative splicing displays, high-resolution video decoding, device status monitoring, and other functional features. It can achieve pixel-to-pixel display on large screens and support various types of special-shaped splicing screen displays, effectively meeting various project control requirements.

Product Features
  • 01

    Allows for arbitrary rotation of images and seamless splicing of displays with different shapes and angles. 

  • 02

    Supports playback of various media types, including videos, images, and text.

  • 03

    Provides scheduled task playback for planned content playback. 

  • 04

    Allows for previewing of playback content in advance and real-time monitoring of device output.

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